Start-Up's, Small/Midsize Contractors: 

LAINE Federal Consulting's expertise is working with firms currently seeking or conducting business with the federal government or local and state government agencies that are increasingly subject to federal accounting and contracting rules.  Our understanding is drawn from our years of experience working with federal government agencies, government contractors, end-users, as well as suppliers and subcontractors.  LAINE Federal works with you to develop an in-depth understanding of your business to properly assess your business' procurement strategies, systems, operations and policies to define and develop the most cost-effective solutions to achieving your government contracting goals​

Government Agencies:  

LAINE Federal Consulting provides federal acquisition strategy planning, acquisition requirements development and preparation of documentation for the federal government.  The following services include: 

Acquisition Planning Support

> Develop acquisition schedules, project plans, Statements of Objectives and Independent Government Cost Estimates;
> Conduct market research and draft acquisition alternative documents;
> Develop Acquisition Strategy Plans, Source Selection Plans, solicitation documents and evaluation criteria.

Contract Administration Support

> Provide acquisition advice, as required;
> Request contract modifications or period of performance extensions;
> Conduct performance-monitoring activities.

Contract and Grant Closeout Support

> Perform required tasks to closeout contracts and grants in accordance with the FAR, DFAR, CFR and administrative requirements;
> Prepare final modifications, establish final indirect rates, and obligate and de-obligate funds;
> Create or customize databases to capture acquisition data and to monitor closeout activity.

Other Acquisition Support

> Provide data entry staff to populate and maintain acquisition databases;

> Provide business writers to respond to FOIA requests and inquiries from prospective companies, congressional offices and other                 interested parties;

> Support training activities through developing presentations and materials and in confirming and monitoring adherence to federal training requirements for acquisition staff.

Start Up's, Small/Midsize Contractors

  • Aerospace/Defense

  • Facilities Management

  • Transit Companies

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Professional Services

  • High Tech

  • A&E

  • Not-For-Profit

Government Agencies

  • Department of Defense

  • Department of Energy

  • NASA

  • FAA


  • EPA

  • DCAA

  • Marine Corps Depot

  • DOT

  • Air Force Depot

  • Defense Logistics Agency

  • State and Local Agencies

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