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Partnership with Industry Clients

Laine Federal partners with industry clients on contracts as well as provide them support personnel for those hard to fill positions.

Whether our commercial clients need one federal contractor or 10, we will work hard on reading statements of works to quickly find the right talent for our clients organizations

Our specialized hiring solutions include:

Direct Hire

Solution allows you to have a qualified permanent employee to work on your requirement as soon as possible with a 90-day guarantee at no charge to you.


Solutions allows to test drive candidates prior making a long-term hiring decision.

Temporary Hire

Solutions to provide you federal staffing solutions for your temporary urgent requirements.


Finding Quality Candidates

We work hard to find qualified candidates prior to you needing them, so we make it our goal to ensure the federal contractors we place with you are right the first time.  We make every effort to avoid wasting our client’s time, money and lengthy re-do’s.

At Laine Federal, we’ll get it right the first time. When an issue is important to you, it’s important to us. We provide key solutions to allow executives to focus on their missions.


Direct Hire

Hiring the right people is strategically important in today’s competitive business environment. Companies lose thousands of dollars if they underestimate the costs of employee recruitment and employee turnover—not to mention the time consumed in the process.

Laine Federal provides responsive, cost-effective solutions for the acquisition of direct hire talent. Our account managers will work with you and our candidates to ensure a precise match that will benefit both for the long term.


Sometimes you want to audition potential candidates to see how they work. Other times, you want to see whether an interim position should become a full-time job. Through this flexible option, both clients and contract employees have the opportunity to further explore each other and make sure they’re both making the right decision.

Long-Term Project


Temporary Help

Laine Federal assists with last-minute coverage requirements, as well a assistance with short- and long-term projects, holiday shortages and interim demands for specific expertise. We offer flexible solutions to managing your staff levels. We'll quickly match your workload by providing qualified contractors—decreasing overhead costs. Relax and enjoy the flexibility to staff up when needed, without increasing your permanent headcount.

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