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Laine Federal recognizes the power of a rich variety of strengths, perspectives and lifestyles. That’s why we hire diverse employees.


At Laine Federal, we believe that workforce diversity is essential to our Company's success. Our goal is to continue to attract talented employees and provide environments where similarities and differences in our employees are valued and utilized to achieve organizational goals and objectives. We are committed to providing environments where employees are comfortable sharing their ideas and perspectives as part of our team. In fact, we are so interested in the opinions of our employees that we survey them annually on their perception of the company, opportunities for growth, as well as several other factors in an effort to continuously improve satisfaction levels for our customers and within the company. 


Laine Federal is an equal employment opportunity employer. It is our goal to provide opportunities for professional advancement for each individual, commensurate with available positions and growth of the company, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, or sexual orientation. Advancement within the company will be based upon available positions, merit, performance, qualifications, requisite certifications, ability to handle added responsibilities, attendance, experience, and training relative to potential openings.

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