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Contract administration is too much of an important a function to have less than the best professionals managing it.  Administering contracts, limiting company liability, making the right risk versus benefit trade-offs, etc. must be performed by highly experienced contract administration professionals.  Many companies cannot find or afford to hire the requisite professional talent but they should not settle for less.

LAINE Federal has extensive experience as both Contracting Officers for the government as well as Contract Managers and Directors in the private sector as well as federal contract attorneys.  This experience base allows us to offer clients all levels of contract management services on an as-needed basis to ensure clients receive the most appropriate advice in a highly cost effective manner.  Whether clients wish to outsource the contract administration function to us, have us establish the contract administration function in-house, supervise on-going activities or provide services on an as-needed basis, we have the staff to ensure the critical contract administration functions are taken care of at minimal expense.

Examples of contract administration consulting services include:

  • Establishing the contract administration function including preparing policies and procedures, hiring personnel, training, etc.

  • Taking over a firm’s contract administration function on an outsourced basis where we provide contract administration personnel, experienced contracts managers and federal contract attorney services

  • Supervising contract and subcontract administration functions either on an occasional or a day-to-day basis

  • Establishing special contract administration requirements on a given contract

  • Providing “high value” contract administration services from former contracting managers on an as-needed or retainer basis

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