When doing business with the Federal Government it sometimes require more than one contractor’s expertise to fulfill procurement needs. This means potentially joining forces with other companies in order to compete for the work, called a Teaming Arrangement.  

The relationship(s) can either be a partnering arrangement by which two or more companies come together to work on a specific type of work as a unit on all Federal Government procurements or they can team together on a specific procurement only.  We have formed a network of companies and relationships where we can assist in helping companies fulfill gaps to ensure 100% compliance of Statement of Work for bidding purposes.

Either way, these relationships must be brought together and bound by a legal agreement. The most common agreements used in performance of Federal Government contracts are listed below. Our contractual team of experts help companies with Agreements, Terms and Conditions and negotiations to create the best position for our clients.  We provide assistance in helping with the following agreements. 

• Teaming Agreement
• Partnering Agreement
• Letter of Intent
• Non-Disclosure Agreement

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