Evaluators Look For Key Words In Resumes

Evaluators are often looking for keywords in resumes, so one’s job experience must be written in the same language as the RFP.

As Consultants, we've rewritten hundreds of resumes for federal proposals as well as for job seekers looking to work in the defense industry.  Did you know that resumes are the first introduction the Government has to meet your team, most importantly, your key personnel?

As Writers, we know this.  No matter what government agency you’re bidding to, proposal resumes usually require the same things: relevant experience, education, certifications, and training.  Just four items, yet the way people handle them varies widely.   So, what do we do?  As writers, we tune it to the SOW and other parts of the proposal for specific requirements and the governments major needs.

To really score points with a resume, you need to have the SOW and the job descriptions and qualifications in front of you as you filter each resume for past experience, skills, and areas of knowledge relevant to the specific project or task order. 

Allow us to make your firms accomplishments shine brighter. 

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