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System Engineering

Laine Federal's approach strives to continually improve the process of developing, procuring, and sustaining our customers’ systems to achieve their overarching goals of transformation, consolidation, and efficiency

Laine Federal provides employees that have the ability to provide system solution balancing capability needs, design considerations and constraints, as well as limitations imposed by technology, budget, and schedule.


We combine deep functional and technical expertise to deliver full lifecycle support capabilities.

Laine Federal Solutions' Systems Engineering and Integration professionals provide expert engineering services to customers in areas such as:

  • System / Subsystem Integration Support

  • System Analysis Support and Performance Assessments

  • Weapon System Life Cycle Engineering

  • Model Based Systems Engineering

  • Systems Engineering Process Development and Planning

  • Interoperability Analysis and Support

  • Technology Assessments and Feasibility Studies

  • Cost, Performance, Schedule Trade Studies

  • Integration and Test Requirements

  • System Safety Requirements




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