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Workforce Solutions


We Recruit Impact Players

We only recruit impact players.  We know who they are and how to get them on your team! Recruiting temporary, direct hires, or contingency federal contractors can be a hard and tedious task.  Our main focus is targeted toward retired military and industry experienced personnel.  We recruit only federal contractors with industry experience and active security clearances, eliminating wasting our customer’s time.

At Laine Federal, we make it easier for our customers by always keeping fresh talent as you need them.  Our candidates seeking employment keep updated resumes, employment status on a regular basis.


You’ll love us at first sight!  Guaranteed.  With over 18 years of service, shows our dedication to customer satisfaction.  Quality is our name and so are our available contractors whom over 80% have a decade of experience in their respective fields. We market our candidates by using our business relationships to establish connections, thereby making successful partnerships with both our employees and our clients.

With a team of energetic and enthusiastic members, we provide you with just the right person for the job. Our team is well trained in growing business organically as well as through strategic acquisitions. Just reach out to us at one of our locations and we will handle the rest.

Love at First Sight


How Were Different

We’re not just any ordinary staffing agency.  We are a federal staffing agency who focus on high level quality hard to fill positions for .  our clients. We specialize in sourcing candidates for the services listed in our Services Page.  Our Headhunters are former Program Managers who understand federal SOW requirements as well as understanding the importance of ensuring candidates are qualified for filled positions.  Unlike other Staffing Agencies, we spend time with our candidates seeking employment prior to clients requirements.  The secret to Laine Federal's success and recognition in market is hidden in the quality of personnel we employ, along with the highly qualified management team practicing highest work standards and business values to deliver nothing but the best.

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