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Software Engineering

FHI provides sustained engineering and technical support to U.S. government and industry customers providing cost-effective rates.



We provide cross programming for system engineering analysis and different technical architectures. Laine Federal provides developmental test and evaluation (DT&E) and operational test and evaluation (OT&E) support. Our engineering professionals are experienced in developing test procedures, testing software modifications, and generating test reports, tracking defects, and performing configuration management. 


Our experienced professionals are knowledgeable in documenting test requirements, data requirements, and research and development test and evaluation planning such as T&E Master Plan development. 


Our software application development services include: 

  • Incorporating some of the most wide-ranging, stable and standardized tools in the market, including Visual Basic, C/C++, Oracle, .NET, Web, Office, BackOffice (SQL Server, NT/2000, Exchange)

  • Software Requirements, Planning, Design, Development and Integration

  • Configuration Management

  • Data Collection, Reduction, and Analysis Systems· Database Development


Laine Federal's Technical Approach: 

  • First, we focus on understanding and analyzing your business, its challenges, and objectives.

  • Next, we work with you to develop or refine a functional specification that fully meets these objectives, taking into account your existing or re-engineered processes. 

  • Only then do we start to use software technology to develop code.


Developing integrated, robust and cohesive applications that provide real solution for improving efficiency and effectiveness. 




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