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Free Resume Writing for Tranisitioning Military Professionals


Dedicated To Serving The Heroes

Of Our Nation.

Looking for the perfect job? In some fields, having military service under your belt offers a real advantage. That's why Laine Federal was created.  We were created to provide employment to transitioning military and industry professionals who have experience working in the defense industry.


Our staffing agency is well-connected and has a large network that reaches both the government and commercial sectors. There are plenty of high paying jobs in industries like national security, technology, defense, law enforcement, and transportation just to name a few.


Your communication and leadership qualities are probably the most important things you possess that are needed in organizations today. Why? Because many of these jobs require talking to other people across different sectors, services, and foreign countries - so, the number of communicators needed are really high.


It's never too early to start thinking about your transition plan, whether you're a senior officer with 25 years, or newly enlisted with just a few months under your belt. Your early transition (career and financial) planning, especially with the assistance and support from our team at Laine Federal, can help ensure a smooth transition from service member to civilian.


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